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The CZ 858 Tactical Rifle

| Website News | February 28, 2013

CZ 858
The CZ 858 tactical rifle with a fixed stock is a semi-automatic variant of the VZ 58 that was made specifically for the civilian market in Canada. There are two models with one model being restricted and the other being unrestricted. The CZ 858-2V model is unrestricted as the barrel length has been extended to 482 mm. The CZ 858-4V is restricted as it has the VZ 58 standard barrel length of 390mm. The CZ 858-2V model is also being featuring a real wood stock engraved with a maple leaf. According the Canadian gun laws, the magazines must be pinned at 5 rounds.

Many like the CZ 858 tactical rifle as it is a great first firearm for a person. It is very easy to clean and maintain. In addition, it has a low recoil and the ammunition is very cheap to shoot.

History Of The CZ 858 Tactical Rifle

As stated earlier the CZ 858 tactical rifle is really a variant of the VZ 58. This is a firearm that was designed in Czechoslovakia and manufactured by ČZUB. Production started in 1958 and continued until 1984. The Czech military started using the firearm and was their standard assault rifle. Due to a lack of funds during the 1990’s and 2000’s the VZ 58 is still in use today, but the Czech army started replacing the VZ 58 with the CZ-805 BREN in 2011. A number of other militaries in Asia and Africa has also used the firearm.

CZ 858 Canadian Version

CZ 858 Canadian Version

One reason for this gun being very popular is that is looks very similar to the AK47. However, internally it is very different design based on a short-stroke gas piston and shares no parts with the AK47, this includes the magazine. Although the VZ 58 does use the same ammunition as the AK-47. This was due to the insistence of the Soviet Union that wanted all Warsaw Pact Forces using a standard ammunition.

Features Of The CZ 858 Tactical Rifle

The CZ 858 tactical rifle has a trigger mechanism with a lever-type fire mode selector. This has a manual safety against accidental discharge. When the selector lever is in the rear position it makes the gun single fire. The forward setting of the selector lever makes the gun semi automatic. The center position of the selector lever is a safety. There is also a internal safety that prevents the weapon from accidental discharging.

CZ 858

CZ 858

Another interesting feature is the stock can be quickly and easily changed to a folding steel stock. Changing the stock can change the category of the gun to restricted. Especially if it changed to a folding steal stock and that makes the overall length of the firearm shorter than 660 mm.

The CZ 858 tactical rifle is a great firearm for both experienced and beginner shooters. The similar looks to a AK-47 will definitely bring you looks from others at a gun range. You may be able to find a CZ 858 tactical rifle or some of the many accessories at the free online firearm classifieds.

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4 Responses to “The CZ 858 Tactical Rifle”

  1. That’s an interesting looking gun. My immediate thought when I first so the picture was that it was an AK47 but I was obviously wrong. Is this gun very expensive? I’m looking for something for a more novice shooter.

  2. You can get one of these for around $699. I think is a great price.

  3. A CZ/VZ 858/58 is essentially a much more refined version of COMBLOC weapon that slightly resembles an AK but is quite different mechanically. “The SA Vz.58 strongly resembles externally the famous Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle, but internally it is entirely different and of original and well-thought out design.” Think of it as a thumb in the eye of Mother USSR by the Czechoslovakians during communism rather than adopting the AK derivatives. They originally also created their own more powerful cartridge (7.62×45) but eventually conformed to adapt it to the COMBLOC 7.62 x 39 on there VZ 52/57’s…which was also a MUCH more superior design to the SKS.

  4. My brother is a gun collector and I recall he has mentioned a particular gun like this, but wow $699 sounds like a lot, but understandable.

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